2022/1/27 UP

New Album “Freude”will be released on March 4th!

New album “Freude” will be released on March 4th !

The album includes a special piano arrangement of the 4th movement from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Ave Maria, and Air on the G string

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2020/5/30 UP

Japan Arts Live Streaming+ vol.2 on June 29

Myuji Kaneko will appear in the LIVE Streaming held on June 29.

Japan Arts Live Streaming+ vol.2

eplus LIVING ROOM CAFE & DINING (streaming place)
8:00p.m. Monday, June 29 (JST)

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2020/5/12 UP

Videos to thanks Healthcare Workers uploaded now!

Myuji uploaded Music Video to thanks and to send ale for Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Workers.

Thank you Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Workers! Schumann-Liszt: Widmung by pianist Miyuji Kaneko

Miyuji Kaneko playing Beethoven for Doctors and Nurses, 2020

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